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Web Development and Application Development

With the day to day advancement of technology and growing number of smart devices and systems, the need of a customized web based platform for every business is the core requirement. With our highly experienced developers we provide services in developing all kinds of Websites, Web-Applications, Desktop-Applications and Mobile Applications. Whether you wanna get a small website built to support your business or you wanna get a complete web based product developed, we are here to help you. From the front-end design and development to the back-end architecture and development and finally deployment we will take care of everything.

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Internet Of Things and Embedded Systems

We provide complete end to end product development solutions for all types of Electronics, Embedded Systems design and development, coupled with the Internet Of Things technology we develop innovative and smart products. From the Hardware PCB design, development, assembly & manufacturing services, to the Micro-controller/Micro-processesor chip programming and their interaction with web interfaces, mobile applications and beyond.

With the use of latest technology we strive to deliver quality products and in this booming field of Internet Of Things we also offer a free learning blog for students and professionals.

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Web Automation, Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence

For you customized requirements we offer development services for automation of lengthy manual tasks through Web Auto-bots, for managing and analyzing data we stand up to date with our customized Web Dashboards and Data Science solutions specially designed and architectured to meet your requirements.

For you stand out with the rapidly growing technical world we offer development and integration of AI based systems with your new or existing products. Whether it is Smart Computer Vision or Natural Language Processing we have all available solutions for you.




You have an Idea in mind ? Thinking about whom to discuss with ?

We provide you the best solution to discuss your new and innovative product ideas with us. We do it with complete secrecy and we strive to meetup with all the guidelines mentioned in a Non Disclosure Agreement document we sign with you.

So How it works ?

Suppose you have an idea in mind and you feel uncomfortable sharing it with anyone, we would be happy to serve you here. Simply call us or contact us through our website, our team will get back to you and upon your request we shall frame a NDA signed by our team and send it to you. Now we shall comply to the NDA no matter what and you can feel free to discuss you ideas with us. Discussion however is just not the only thing required for proper ideation, so we provide on demand services for your idea's technical feesablity and market viability through Research and Development and Market Demand Analysis carried out by professionals in our team. And thus we shall help you end to end from ideation to final production. Our charges are also very nominal so you won't hesitate in getting in touch with us.

Learning and Development

Whether be professionals or students, we have to be update our skill sets to stay updated with rapidly growing technology. For this we offer on demand training for batch a batch of people at offices, schools and colleges, we also have provisions for Online sessions. We offer trainings related to all the technologies which we have discussed till now. In brief its about IOT, Embedded, Web Development & AI and in depth its an ocean to explore. We deliver the knowledge with hands on experience required to meet the industrial demands. Our curriculum is same for all and but our trainers are well experienced to make you learn no matter if you are just a noob in the development field. We are also coming up with individual training sessions soon.

Still worried whether to invest in learning or not ?

For you our learning blog shall always remain free and updated with latest tech material.